'Garden Kitchen Stoke Fleming

Main Menu

Small Plates

Nachos 9.5
Tortilla chips topped with japalpeños, olives,
spring onion and covered in cheese with salsa,
guacamole and sour cream (V)

Salt & Pepper Squid 9.0
Spring onions, chilli
and an aioli dip

Korean Chicken Wings 9.0
Lime and coriander mayo


Fries / Rustic Chips 3.0
add cheese 1.5

Garlic Sourdough Flatbread 6.0
Oregano, rosemary sea salt
add cheese 1.5

Mixed Leaf Salad 3.5
Soft green herbs,
spring onion, salad dressing

Homemade Coleslaw 3.5

Fish & Grill

Battered Dayboat Fish 15.0
Rustic chips, minted peas,
homemade tartar

Pork Ribs
West Country pork ribs
slow cooked in our own marinade
and smothered in BBQ sauce
with a salad garnish,
homemade coleslaw and a fries

Whole Rack 29.0
Half Rack 17.5


A sourdough base, perfectly tangy and chewy.
Slathered with a rich sauce made from sweet,
earthy tomatoes, a nod to Italian tradition.

Then, into our gas-fired,
stone-based oven it goes,
where each pizza is
crisped to perfection.

The result? A 12-inch slice of heaven!

Margherita 11.0
Tomato base, mozzarella,
basil oil
+ pepperoni 2.0

Pesto & Marinated Vegetables 13.5
Artichoke, courgette, olives, tomato (V+)
+ mozzarella 2.0

Hawaiian 13.5
Honey-glazed ham, pineapple

Fungi & Goat’s Cheese 13.5
Spinach, sauteed mushrooms,
thyme, oregano, lemon oil

Seafood Lover 15.0
Prawns, clams, squid,
mussels, anchovies

Spicy Beef & Nduja 15.0
Garlic, red onions, peppers,
parsley, sriracha sauce


Kendricks House Burger 18.0
6oz patty topped with streaky
bacon and Emmental cheese

Kendricks Naked Burger 17.0
The same as above with no bun
but extra salad

The Veggie 17.0
6oz vegan patty topped with
Emmental cheese,
spicy tomato and onion chutney
in a ciabtta roll (V+)

Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich 15.0
Mixed leaf, pickled veg,
garlic mayonnaise, brioche, fries

Kendricks burgers are served with homemade coleslaw,
gherkins and fries, in a toasted bun (gluten free available),
with tomato, lettuce and red onion.


Homemade Beef Burger 6.5
Cheddar, string fries (GFO)

Chicken Thigh Burger 6.5
String fries

Vegan Burger 6.5 (V+)
String fries

Fish & Chips 6.5
Battered white fish, crushed minted peas,
rustic chips 


Chocolate Brownie 8.5
Toffee sauce, vanilla ice-cream

Vanilla Cheesecake 8.5
Berry compote

Ice-Creams & Sorbets
Madagasacan Vanilla
Raspberry Sorbet
1/2/3 Scoop 4.0/5.5/7.0

'Luvvly day fer't